Discover how your body changes when you stop having sex.

Discover how your body changes when you stop having sex.

Explore the physical effects and adaptations in this informative article.

Sex abstinence can lead to various bodilychanges, whether it’s a temporary dry spell, a choice of celibacy, or a challenging phase.

 When you stop having sexual intercourse, your body may undergo certain transformations.

Contrary to popular belief, the tightness of your pelvic muscles does not correlate with your sexual frequency.

Regardless of your sexual experience, you’re likely just as “right-and-tight” as ever, debunking any misconceptions

Mary Jane Minkin, a clinical professor at Yale Medical School, explains that while vaginal births can cause stretching of the vaginal canal, sexual penetration does not permanently loosen it.

The only concern is the temporary relaxation of vaginal tissues during arousal, which will return to normal.

Dr. Mark Lawton of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV explains that the decline in testosterone may contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Several studies have shown that reduced sexual activity doubles the likelihood of encountering erection difficulties

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