Why Did the Prisoner Pick Bread Rather Than the Key?

you are aware of the answer, you are a philosopher. He could have gone, but he chose not to.
In the well-known fable “The Prisoner and the Bread,” a prisoner is left alone in a room. He has a loaf of bread in front of him or the key to his escape.

He didn’t know how to use the key or why it was there in the first place, so it seemed like a difficult decision for him to make. He considered all of his options thoroughly before selecting the loaf of bread.

When two possibilities are available, the best choice has to be carefully studied.
For prisoners, these choices have much greater significance because they might affect their continued survival.


The question of why a prisoner would pick bread over an escape key has generated a lot of discussion lately. The Greek philosopher Plutarch was the first in antiquity to address this fascinating issue. Since then, it has confused a lot of people, including me.

There’s only one reason a prisoner would pick bread over a key: survival instinct. Although the key releases your restraints, it does not ensure your freedom and security once outside.

If no plan is in place to help them get past any guards or obstacles that stand in their way, the likelihood of a failed escape increases.

Unlike the key, which cannot bring comfort on its own, bread may offer quick sustenance and comfort in trying times.

Prisoners may choose bread over a key because, while their ultimate aim may be to escape from imprisonment, their immediate need for sustenance may take precedence over their long-term objective of obtaining freedom. Bread can be used to bribe guards and make up for some of the difficulties involved in escape preparation, in addition to serving as food. Overall, it seems like bread makes more sense when the pros and downsides are weighed.

Whatever alternative is selected, it is always advantageous to be aware of one’s own limitations and to make use of the resources that are accessible, even though the decision between bread and a key ultimately boils down to individual circumstances and desired objectives.

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