Police are summoned because a little youngster is selling “Ice Cold Beer.”

Some people simply have a good business sense from birth. This, together with a determined outlook, a readiness to take calculated risks, and a desire to test one’s abilities in order to better utilize them, are the keys to success.

Seth, an 11-year-old boy from Utah, has already started a business, and many people are impressed by his current marketing approach.

He approached the pavement while advancing with a placard reading “Ice Cold Beer.” As a result, he chose not to set up a lemonade stand and instead chose to sell something else.


Nevertheless, many others found it amusing and applauded him for opening a business. On the other hand, other people made the authorities aware of the situation because they thought a juvenile was selling beer.

A couple officers hurried over to Seth’s stand, but instead of reprimanding him, they laughed heartily.

However, the word “root” was written in much smaller green letters than the letters that made up the word “beer.” The young businessman was actually selling root beer.

The Brigham City Police Department staff thought Seth’s poster sign was an excellent example of effective advertising. If I’m being really honest, not every youngster can do it.

The moment the story was posted online, readers felt obliged to leave comments.

He is witty, orderly, and spotless. A LOT OF EFFORT IS PUT IN, AND WHAT WILL BE ACCEPTABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC IS TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT… HE CAN GO ANYWHERE WHEN HE HAS THAT MINDSET! And he already has mentoring thanks to the AMAZING police officers that are a part of the community that is supporting him! I adore what ONE PERSON WROTE.


police department, however, rejected the notion that the individual who reported this young man to the authorities should be made to feel humiliated as a result of their conduct. Instead, they advised our people never to feel embarrassed or ashamed to contact us. They were merely reporting what they believed to be a troubling circumstance when they did so. Nothing was harmed.

The police even spent $1 on a bottle of root beer while promoting Seth’s company by telling others about his touching story

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