Woman Slams Mother For Persistent Home Invasion, Sets Family Relationship On Edgebh

The relationship between a parent and a child is usually a mix of love and occasional conflict.

For our narrator (Original Poster), this was especially true regarding her relationship with her mother.

OP revealed that her mom was steadily approaching the milestone of turning 60. With retirement on the corner, her mom had a grand plan in mind: opening a business.

Despite harboring reservations due to her impending relocation, OP saw this as an opportunity to mend their fractured bond and prove her capabilities.

Eight months have passed since the business was set up, and it has been a big hit. The business has been running smoothly, and her initial apprehension has given way to a glimmer of pride.

However, OP’s soon-to-be departure looms, and her mother’s heavy reliance on her has threatened to derail her plans.

Recently, OP’s mom has been bombarding her with endless calls, texts, and demands—even to the point of employing “weaponized incompetence” to make her stay back and run the business.

Now, OP finds herself questioning her own actions: Is it possible that her genuine desire for independence and happiness has been misconstrued as narcissism?

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