Exposed: The Real Story Behind William and Kate’s Affair Rumors – It’s What We Suspected

William and Kate look like the dream pair. It was at the University of St. Andrews that the Prince and Princess of Wales met.

There were some ups and downs in their relationship, but they made it through and got married.

They now have a wonderful family. After his father, King Charles, only time will tell when it is William’s turn to take the throne.

The Prince and Princess Kate really care about their friends and other people they know. But some years ago, a shocking claim about William and a woman who was rumored to be his lover shocked the royal family and fans…

It was not just any woman; it was one of Princess Kate’s best friends. What did really happen? Who is this woman said to be her mistress? How about we take a better look?

Prince William and Princess Kate met at St. Andrews University and became friends there. Before they met, they were both with other people, but it was clear right away that their partnership would be different.

They lived in St. Salvator’s Hall, the same dorm, and went to the same classes and talks. After their second year, they moved in with some friends in a private home, which is where their love grew.

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