New trend sees adult grandkids surprising grandparents by showing up unannounced for sleepovers

One TikTok user, Brandi, shared a video capturing the surprise sleepover she arranged for her mom’s grandkids. In the video, the grandma, Pam Fair, 67, expresses genuine excitement as her adult grandkids, Madelyn, 23, Sydney, 21, and Jakob, 23, arrive for an unexpected night together.

Reflecting on the surprise, Brandi told Today that her kids used to stay with their grandparents regularly when she worked night shifts as a nurse. The unexpected sleepover brought back cherished memories and left Pam Fair saying: “I will never forget this.”

Jess Armstrong, another TikTok user, organized a similar heartwarming surprise for her grandparents. Gathering her cousins, including those living out of state, Jess orchestrated a delightful sleepover. She shared her experience with Good Morning America, explaining that she felt compelled to organize it, believing it would be a delightful surprise for her grandparents, especially her “papa.”

Touched by the gesture, Jess’s grandparents, like many others, found joy in the unexpected reunion. Jess said she really hopes to turn this into a tradition, telling GMA: “We have to do this. It would surprise them, and they would love it.”

The trend has resonated deeply with viewers across the globe, with many expressing sentiments of nostalgia and encouragement. Commenting on the videos, one TikTok user encouraged others to hop on the trend, saying: “If you still have grandparents, do this for those of us who don’t have them anymore.”

Others shared their own longing for similar experiences, writing about the profound impact that spending time with grandparents can have. “I would give anything to have an adult sleepover at my nan’s. I miss that woman beyond belief. I hope I’ll have this one day with my own grandchildren,” one user commented.

Tori Hahlen and her cousins also joined the trend, surprising their grandparents with an impromptu sleepover. Tori captioned the video: “This is your sign to surprise your grandparents with a sleepover with all your adult cousins.”

The heartwarming surprise elicited tears of joy from Tori’s Nana and playful teasing from Grandad, just as the cousins had predicted.

As this TikTok trend continues to spread joy and connection, users are sharing tips for those planning similar sleepovers. In our opinion, the best advice includes bringing food, air mattresses, bedding, and, most importantly, a smile. Bringing your own food and cleaning up after yourself means that everyone can enjoy their time and grandparents aren’t left with the burden of cleaning up after everyone.



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