This cupboard was going to be sent for firewood, but I didn’t let that happen and transformed it: photo Источник:

In one of the adverts I saw a sign that said “I’m just giving it away for firewood”. I immediately called my husband, gave him the address and tools and sent him off to save the future pride of our kitchen. In the evening of the same day the cabinet was already at our house.


The construction of the cabinet struck me with its strength. The legs and top part are made of solid beech, the doors are made of thick beech veneer, which, unfortunately, had cracks.


First of all, I washed it thoroughly as there were signs of insects. The legs and top were treated to get rid of any residual varnish. The sides and doors required sanding as the varnish was peeling off.


The areas with peeling veneer I treated with glue and fixed with clamps until they dried completely.


Minor defects were hidden with wood putty, as I decided to paint the cabinet further.


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