The secret to a long life? The 109-year-old woman said, “Avoiding men.”

A 109-year-old woman asserted that the secret to living a long life is to avoid males.

According to one of the UK’s oldest women, the secret to living a long life is to stay away from men. When caretakers asked Jessie Gallan, the oldest person in Scotland, who was celebrating her 109th birthday, for tips on how to live a long life, she astounded them. She claims to stay away from men and to eat a daily portion of porridge in the morning as the reason for her advanced age.


Jessie Gallan’s Lifelong Health Secret

On a farm in Kintore, Scotland, Gallan was born in 1906 into a family of five sisters and a brother. She lived with her five sisters and one brother on a straw-filled mattress until escaping her family at the age of 13 to work as a milkmaid. She originally helped in a rural restaurant before working at a hotel where the Queen and Queen Mother were visitors.

Gallan eventually moved to the Crosby House, a privately run senior care facility. According to Gillian Bennett, who was working as one of her assistants at the time, Jessie is a nice woman. She’s here with Sarah Jane, her best friend, and they hang out together all the time. She enjoys listening to music, going to the gym, and is a very independent person. She’s always getting lost. Gallan appears to also credit her long life to staying social and active, based on Bennett’s pleasant words. Despite the fact that she passed away in March 2015, her longevity secret is unheard of. She claimed, “My key to a long existence has been avoiding men. They’re not worth the trouble, to put it simply.

I also ensured that I exercised frequently, had a warm cup of porridge every morning, and avoided getting married.

There is a thunderous AMEN from other women all across the world, although Gallan’s diet is part of the trick… I like to eat oatmeal. My entire existence is mine. To celebrate her birthday on January 2, Jessie received dinner and cake at the Aberdeen care facility Crosby House.

Senior support worker Rebecca Streeter stated: “Jessie still participates in the group activities because she enjoys her exercise.”

She enjoys spending Sundays at her church and goes to every performance. She has also obviously led a very healthy lifestyle. Jessie replaced Clare Dawson as the oldest woman in Scotland after Clare Dawson of Glasgow passed away in June 2013 at the age of 109. The oldest living person in the UK is Ethel Lang, 114, of Barnsley.


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