The owner transforms a miserable balcony into an office and surprises everyone with the final results Источник:

Man turns an old balcony into a dream place to work and blows up the network! 🧐👏With his own hands and creativity, he creates perfect conditions for working! 😍See the final result in this article! 👇👇👇


There are a lot of people who are lucky enough to work remotely, that is, from home. Many believe that this requires nothing special, but freelancers should have an appropriate and comfortable place where they can fully concentrate.


Having no other choice, today’s hero decided to transform the old and miserable-looking loggia and turn it into a work place where no one could disturb him. He brought the computer and a table there and now an office right at home was ready.


First of all, he considered the heating issue installing plastic windows and insulated everything with penoplex. Given the fact that the penoplex was placed on glue, the humidity will not increase and the loggia will hardly be at risk of getting mold.


Beige Roman blinds were hung on the windows and the lighting was decorated with built-in spotlights. Here is the final result! Enjoy!


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