The lottery winner left his wife for a younger woman after winning $ 186 million, but what the new woman did to him is shocking.

If you believe that your life is difficult, take a closer look. After 15 months, these two individuals who had been in heaven had nothing left.

We believe that Adrian and Gillian Bayford’s winnings of more than $ 186 million in the lottery would make everyone happy.


The two enjoyed money, travel, food, gifts, and a home at first, but soon Adrian made the decision to leave his wife for another lady and divide the family’s inheritance in half.

What took place? Samantha, Adrian’s new flame, was a teenager. How did she act? He took all of his money and fled.

The girl took the car, the money, the two dogs, and the horses of the purest breed without leaving him even a single dime.

What was left for them? He dreams of repeating his good fortune and winning the lotto once more.

Now that you know, don’t fall in love with a younger person if you win the lotto since you run the danger of becoming the millionaire who lost everything.

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