Breaking: Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg Collaborate To Create A Non-Woke Production Studio, “Hollywood Is Saved”

a move shaking up the entertainment industry, Hollywood veterans Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg have announced their partnership to launch a groundbreaking film production studio aimed at revitalizing the cinematic landscape. The studio, set to prioritize traditional values and storytelling over modern woke narratives, promises to usher in a new era of filmmaking, free from the constraints of political correctness.

Gibson and Wahlberg, both celebrated actors and producers with a plethora of successful projects under their belts, have long been vocal critics of Hollywood’s trend towards woke culture. Their decision to collaborate on this venture comes as a direct response to what they perceive as the industry’s decline in quality and originality due to an excessive focus on political agendas.

The duo’s vision for the studio is clear: to create engaging, entertaining films that appeal to a wide audience without pandering to the demands of political correctness. With a diverse range of projects already in development, spanning various genres and themes, Gibson and Wahlberg are determined to inject Hollywood with a much-needed dose of creativity and

a joint statement, Gibson and Wahlberg expressed their enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing their commitment to producing films that reflect the values and aspirations of everyday Americans. They believe that by returning to the roots of storytelling and prioritizing substance over style, they can reinvigorate the film industry and restore its reputation as a bastion of creativity and

The announcement of the studio’s formation has already generated considerable buzz within the entertainment community, with many industry insiders expressing support for Gibson and Wahlberg’s initiative. The prospect of a Hollywood studio dedicated to producing non-woke films has struck a chord with audiences weary of the prevailing trends in mainstream

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