“I’ve copped criticism” – Couple with dwarfism have children against all the odds

When asked when they plan to have children, most married couples can relate, but Charli Worgan and her husband Cullen were frequently asked “why.”

The parents, who live in Sydney, are frequently in the public eye due to their distinct types of dwarfism, particularly since Charli fell pregnant with their first child.

The thrilled Australian mother chose to create a social media account to share their family’s story with others after giving birth to their first daughter; little did she expect how well-liked her account would go.

Charli recently revealed that she was 14 weeks along with her third child, but it was a bittersweet reveal.

Charli has had to endure excruciating genetic testing during each pregnancy. Due to Charli and Cullen’s genetic makeup, their offspring may acquire one of the two types of dwarfism (from their mother or father), be average in height, or inherit both types of dwarfism, which would be lethal, according to medical professionals.

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