It was born, one of the tiniest babies ever!

A challenging task for the medical staff at Botoşani Maternity Hospital, where a premature baby measuring 720 grams was delivered on Sunday. After barely 24 weeks of pregnancy, the boy was delivered.

The infant, who was delivered on Sunday and weighed only 720 grams, was considered to be very preterm.

At 24 weeks gestation, the baby boy was born with a hand the size of an adult finger.

After stabilizing it, the infant was moved to a different maternity hospital with greater care.

720 grams is the weight of a preterm newborn.

The child was transported using an ambulance and was then placed in the care of a neonatologist.

According to specialists, it happens frequently that pregnant women wait until after giving birth to visit the doctor, which considerably increases the risk of difficult deliveries or early births.

The lightest newborn delivered at this hospital weighed 580 grams

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