Megan and Morgan, the “TrueBlue Twins”

Megan and Morgan first captured the public’s attention in 2015 when their mother shared their photo on Instagram. At only four years old, the twins quickly gained internet fame due to their captivating eye color: one twin has striking blue eyes while the other has one blue eye and one dark brown.

After their photo went viral on the internet, the little girls, Megan and Morgan, became overnight sensations, appearing in numerous fashion shows and events.

Megan and Morgan

Born in June 2011 in Philadelphia, the TrueBlue Twins are now both eleven years old.

Stephanie Boyd and Lovell Knight are the parents of the TrueBlue Twins.

When Stephanie Boyd gave birth to her twins on 6 June 2011, everyone around her could immediately tell that the girls stood out. One thing that set them apart was that they were black twins with blue eyes, which does not often happen among black people. Before they became famous on the internet, the girls were already well-known in their community. Their nickname, Trueblue Twins, is what their mother and family used to refer to them when they were born. Furthermore, whenever their parents came across someone they knew, the person would ask to have pictures with them,” wrote a news outlet.

One of the twins’ photos immediately received more than 2,000 likes in a day. They then took over Instagram and headed to Facebook. As a result, their online fan base increased, and some influencers even started creating content about the girls.”

By sharing content created by other influencers on her social media account, Stephanie Boyd’s post gained more than six million views. This led to a ripple effect with celebrities like Ray Ray, members of the Mindless Behavior band, Yandy Smith, and Wendy Williams, sharing their photos and videos on their respective pages.

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