Nails: What Do They Reveal About Your Health

Nails, in today’s context, are often perceived primarily as a cosmetic aspect of our bodies. Beyond their role in contemporary fashion, they serve as a unique indicator of your general health status, offering valuable insights into your body’s internal dynamics and overall vitality.

1. Yellow nails often signal fungal infections but can also result from aging, smoking-related lung issues, or low-quality acrylic work.
2. White ones with pink tips (Terry’s nails) may indicate heart or kidney failure, diabetes, liver problems, or aging.
3. Extremely pale ones suggest nutritional deficiencies or circulation issues, potentially leading to anemia.
4. Dark red nails may signal heart disease; nail and cuticle redness could indicate autoimmune diseases like lupus.
5. Bluish or purple ones suggest oxygendeficiency linked to heart or lung problems like emphysema.
6. Various colors like brown (thyroid or nutritional issues) and grey (certain medications).

1. Brittle or split ones relate to hypothyroidism, vitamin deficiencies (A, C, B7/biotin), or nail polish remover overuse.
2. Vertical ridges often result from agingbut can signify vitamin B12 or magnesium deficiency when prominent at a young age.
3. Horizontal ridges (Beau’s lines) indicate nail trauma or serious illnesses with high fever.
4. Nail pitting may suggest skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema), connective tissue disorders, or inflammatory arthritis.

1. Spoon nails (koilonychia) may signify hemochromatosis, iron-deficiency anemia, heart disease, or poor circulation.
2. Nail clubbing may indicate low blood oxygen due to lung disease, or be linked to liver, kidney, heart issues, IBD, or AIDS.
3. Detached ones may indicate hyperthyroidism, fungal infection, psoriasis, poor circulation, or amyloidosis

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