What Did You See First Let’s See What It Says About Your Personality Traits

Nowadays we see a lot of personality tests online involving images, and they all work by assessing our subconscious choices.

Your subconscious sees the things before you even take a closer look and it can reveal a lot about your personality.

Take a look at this picture and note the first thing you see in it. Is it the trees, roots or the lips? Let’s see what it means.


If you noticed the trees or tree trunks at first, you are very likely an extrovert. You are a polite person, but you never allow others to mix or ridicule you. They are very sensitive to the opinions of others and greatly appreciate their thoughts. Although you have many friends, you have few close and sincere friends.


If you noticed the roots first, you are an introvert person who acknowledges their mistakes. You are willing to accept constructive criticism because you see it as a chance to improve yourself. First, people perceive you like ordinary people without special qualities or talents. But once they know you, this impression changes quickly when they realize that you are a very strong and knowledgeable person. If you propose something, you always do it because of your incredible discipline and care.


If you noticed the lips at first, you are a quiet and simple person who prefers living and average life without the complications of unnecessary commotion. Your thoughts are very flexible and your manners always go with the flow. You are wise but sometimes naïve. Even if you have good intentions, you may feel vulnerable and in need. However, it is far from the truth. They try to avoid complicated relationships. Their honesty is why people come to you for advice or to talk to you because they appreciate your opinion.

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