The bride noticed the groom’s ex-wife in the hall while she was talking with the guests.

Katie was aware that her future husband, Jeremy, had been married before and had a child when she first met him.

She understood that little Landon and his mother would be a part of her life whether she wanted them to be or not when she decided to become his wife.

Many of those in attendance were shocked when they learned that the groom’s ex-wife and her new spouse had been invited to the wedding.

However, this is not all. Katie made sure to mention Casey and Tyler, the boy’s mother, and her present husband in her vows.

She stared towards the groom’s ex-wife as she made her vows and requested that she stand.

Nobody anticipated what came next.

The bride made a tear-filled pledge that she would try her hardest to be the best stepmother possible for her child.

Katie stood up after making this commitment and knelt before Landon.

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