A house made out of broken crockery! Can you believe? Now it is one of the most remarkable sights in this town

No one has seen something like this before! 😱🫢The spouses showed the house they built entirely out of broken crockery and left everyone speechless! 😮🤐

In one small town located 100 kilometers south-west from Paris, there is a unique house which is, believe it or not, entirely made out of broken crockery. Its French name is La Maison Cassee Vaisselle.

The unusual house was constructed by unique spouses who decided not to meet the standards and do everything not in a traditional way. For the construction, they used broken glasses, plates and other crockery. This seemed an ingenious idea.

The man was born in 1908. At the beginning of his career, he worked in a textile factory. The original idea of building a house entirely out of broken crockery came to his mind in 1952. His great imagination and creativity helped him a lot.

The neighbors were literally left speechless when they saw the final result. The broken crockery created a special atmosphere inside and became a unique part of the interior. What is more, even the garden was completed by broken crockery.

The whole process lasted around 15 years. During all these years, he received thousands of broken plates, bowls and glasses from the residents of the town. One may say that they all have their small contribution to the completion.

In 2002 his heir continued his work. He completed the construction of the legendary house and showed the ultimate result.

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