“Angelically beautiful future supermodel”: The adorable daughter of actor Cruise and Katie Holmes has turned 16

There is no need to mention that children fill our burdensome and monotonous lives with limitless joy making us feel excited and happy with their sincere smile and adorable gestures. However, it should be noted, that the heirs of overall-recognized celebrities and legendary people, in fact, draw absolutely everyone’s attention to them since people take a great interest in their lives and activity.

Now, we are going to tell you about the charming and absolutely adorable heiress of iconic Hollywood actor T. Cruise and K. Holmes. It is worth mentioning that their daughter has already turned 16 in April pleasantly surprising everyone with her angelic beauty.

It sometimes seems as if it was just these days the legendary film star was holding his tiny girl in his hands, whereas now, she has already grown up and is adored by millions.

It goes without saying that Suri has inherited her mother’s not only charming and gorgeous appearance, but also her gestures, mimics and manners. She is so much like her mother that some even call them “two peas in a pod”.

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