After finishing the last-minute preparations for their wedding the next day, they fell asleep.

Anyone who has experienced a wedding before is aware of the stress that this significant milestone in a couple’s life can bring.

As a bride, you have to consider the attire, the shoes, the bridesmaids, the venue, and pretty much everything else the day entails. When the day is over, everyone vows they will never go through with it again.

Angie Ver Huel went above and beyond to ensure that everything about her wedding was perfect, and her husband surprised all of their guests to their joy.

But even the night before the wedding, when he woke up and made a discovery that unquestionably transformed his life, everything changed.

Angie spent several years working as a teacher at South Middle School in Waukee, Iowa, where she was raised. Since he was a young child, he had imagined the day he would meet the prince from the tale and begin a lovely and ideal family with him.

When she first met Justin, who is 30 years old, she understood that this was all she needed in life. He had a wonderful job at the bank, was amusing, and was intelligent.

He proposed to her in September 2013, and she accepted. Following the engagement, there was a year to plan every last detail of the wedding. Although most of Justin’s coworkers were ecstatic to learn that he had discovered his true love, there was one who wasn’t so thrilled.

Justin and Angie were at his parents’ house on May 8, 2014, nine months after their wedding, and they were excited for the next day.

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