The Real Reason Why Angelina Jolie Has Remained Mysteriously Single For a While

How does one of the most gorgeous, alluring, and desired women on the planet manage to stay single?

Since her divorce from Brad Pitt nearly five years ago, Angelina Jolie has been lying low and keeping to herself. She’s been spotted on many a mysterious dinner with men —sometimes even with her exes— but by and large, the public isn’t aware of any serious romances in her life.  Of course, you can’t forget the woman is raising six children by herself, is embroiled in a lengthy and contentious custody battle with her ex-husband, and focuses much of her energy on her humanitarian endeavors. Understandably, it’s more than challenging to carve out time for yourself, much less a potential partner.

However, it’s not just a busy schedule that’s keeping Angie from dipping back into the pool. For a celebrity whose love life has and continues to be a matter of national importance, she’s not giving in to public pressure and is sticking to her guns. Here is the reason why Angelina Jolie continues to wait patiently for the right person:

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