This chicken can play the piano. It really surprises a lot of people

People have learned to train different animals since ancient times.

No one seems unusual when cats or dogs perform various commands and actions.

In circus performances, you can see performances of wilder animals elephants, bears and even lions.

Throughout history, humans have taught animals to perform a wide variety of tasks for which they don’t have time or lack the courage. It turns out that you can train not only cats, dogs and horses, but also chickens.

A prime example is the chicken Jonggu who can play the piano. At first glance, it seems impossible, but the video where the chicken plays Puccini has taken over the entire Internet. What is the secret? Although it is believed that a chicken is a bird with low mental abilities, not very attentive, forgetful and so on, chickens can also be trained. Chickens have been trained for a long time. Using food training, the chickens began to distinguish between a circle, a square, a triangle, large and small objects. Training has been achieved so that the chicken presses the button before receiving food (the principle of nipple drinkers and feeders). Experiments were also carried out confirming the reaction of chickens to color. Grains of one color were glued to the feeder, while the other was freely available. Over time, the bird stopped paying attention to the glued grain and it could no longer be glued the chickens did not touch it, it remained in the feeder.

Chicken playing piano
Few people were training chickens. One of these trainers was the famous, unique and practically the only V.L. Durov.
A chicken named Jongu lives on a farm in Maryland. According to the owners, it takes her two weeks to learn the piece. The bird is guided by the luminous keys that light up at the right time. Although, like any real musician, it still cannot do without mistakes. This is not the only chicken musician. In China, for example, a student at an agricultural college in Guizhou taught a chicken to play the piano as part of an exam assignment for a course in the psychology of animal behavior. In three months the bird learned three songs.

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