A 20-year-old case finally had a conclusion!

A 20-year-old case finally had a resolution when Nurse, a South African teenager, met a new friend that their daughter had befriended at school.

Three days after giving birth, in 1997, Celeste Nurse was unable to locate her daughter at the maternity hospital. The infant was kidnapped while the mother, who was 18 at the time, dozed off with the child on her chest.

The nurse’s family continued to believe for 20 years that they would never see their daughter again, so they celebrated her birthday every year without her.

When the second daughter of Nurse introduced them to her new schoolmate in February 2015, however, everything changed. The couple realized that their child had been kidnapped when they first saw her. They discovered that the girl, Zephany, was also born on the day their daughter went missing.

Without thinking, the family made the decision to inform the police and ask for a DNA test, which established Zephany’s identification. She appears to have lived not far from her birth parents.

In April 1997, a woman carrying a three-day-old baby snatched from the maternity unit while the baby’s mother slept left a Cape Town hospital dressed as a nurse. The true identity of the kidnapped youngster wasn’t discovered until accidentally, 17 years later.

On the first day of classes at Zwaanswyk High School in Cape Town, Miché Solomon’s last year began.

And on that day in January of 2015, Miché, who was then 17 years old, was surrounded by other students who were excited to tell her about the new girl, Cassidy Nurse, who was three years her junior but strangely resembled her.

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