A romance at 77?»: Cher showed her young boyfriend and resulted in mixed reactions

Cher forgot how old she was and started dating a man 40 years younger than her! 🫣😲Paparazzi filmed the singer’s boyfriend! 😮🤐

There is a belief that where there is love, nothing else matters. This also includes age, skin color and nationality. When people first saw Cher’s boyfriend, they were left speechless. There are rumors that the man even proposed to her.

For the first time in the recent months, the legendary performer showed up with his fiancé and let no one remain indifferent. However surprising it may seem, he is 40 years younger than the iconic singer.

«It should be illegal to look so attractive at 77!», «No questions, she doesn’t look her age, but the fact that she chose a partner 40 years younger than her astonishes me», «A new romance at 77? Come on!».

«I have serious doubts in the sincerity of his feelings!», «You’re not a single granny, you’re simply broke!», «They look more like a mother with her son!», «It is amazing how hard she tries to look younger for the sake of her boyfriend!».

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