Elon Musk: ‘Woke Mind Virus Should Be Destroyed Just Like Bud Light’

In a startling twist of events, Tesla CEO and Twitter’s newest kingpin, Elon Musk, has drawn an analogy that is as unusual as his regular tweets. He recently took to Twitter and compared the ‘woke mind virus’ to… wait for it… Bud Light. Yes, you read that right, the man who sent a car to space just compared a sociopolitical mindset to a beer brand. The tweet read, “Woke mind virus should be defeated just like we defeated Bud Light.”


The billionaire innovator has always had a love-hate relationship with ‘wokeness.’ Lately, he’s been throwing his hat into the ring more openly, raising his banner against what he perceives as an intellectual pandemic of conformity, which he, with characteristic Musk-esque flair, has termed the ‘woke mind virus.’ But why the comparison with Bud Light?

Well, let’s rewind a little. A few years ago, Bud Light faced an uproar when they decided to release a range of limited-edition Pride-themed beer cans. While the move was meant to appeal to the LGBTQ+ community, it met with significant backlash from consumers who felt the company was capitalizing on a sensitive cause. After a stern ‘we hear you’ statement and considerable damage control, Bud Light was eventually ‘defeated,’ and their sales took a dive.

Now, fast forward to Musk’s latest tweet. Could it be that he’s suggesting we tackle the ‘woke mind virus’ just as Bud Light was defeated after their Pride cans debacle? Maybe. Musk isn’t one to shy away from controversy or analogy, however peculiar it may seem.


But what’s fascinating about this whole scenario isn’t just the intriguing Bud Light comparison. It’s the fact that Musk, in his trademark fashion, has managed to take a subject of substantial cultural sensitivity and turn it into an analogy that seems more fitting for a late-night comedy sketch than a serious discussion on socio-cultural trends.

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