Mom Fights For Son, 8, To Keep His Long Hair Despite Schools Rejecting Him

School regulations are something that everyone can relate to, regardless of whether they have fond or bitter recollections of their own time spent there.

Some regulations, like not wearing jewelry during sports, make sense, but it seems wasteful to send someone home for things like wearing too much makeup or bringing in an illegal Coke.

When kids are at an age where they want to stand out and be themselves, the rules and regulations that schools impose on their appearance can be stifling.

One mother and her 8-year-old son felt the rules went too far, and as a result, the youngster might be deprived of a quality education.

Londoner Farouk James’s beautiful mane has attracted the attention of modeling agencies. After doing photo sessions in New York and Italy, he is now making a living as a kid model.

But his appearance has caused him nothing but trouble in class, and several colleges have turned him down solely because of the length of his hair.

Bonnie Miller, James’s mother, has shared that she was told her son’s short hair was a problem at school.

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