She faced harsh criticism for posting a picture of herself and her spouse wearing bathing costumes online.

Jenna Kutcher, a photojournalist who is 29 years old, enjoys a very content existence. She has been wed to her soul mate and personal trainer Drew Kutcher for ten years. The two are quite pleased in their relationship and have a fantastic love story.

One day, the couple went to a beach in Hawaii to enjoy the rays and the surf. There, they took some photographs. In one of the pictures, Jenna and her husband can be seen both in bathing suits. She was shocked to see how many critical remarks she had gotten after sharing the photo on social media.

Many have claimed that she doesn’t deserve her husband, who is “a lovely and attractive man,” since “she is big and unattractive.” She was informed that, despite the fact that she wasn’t in great shape, her husband had a toned physique thanks to his gym workouts.

Due to her voluptuous forms, the woman received numerous other derogatory remarks and was often humiliated and made fun of. Here are a couple of the comments:

“I’m surprised that she found a husband so hot.”

You shouldn’t be married to such a handsome man, she said.

I’m not sure what your husband saw in you; he should look for someone as beautiful to himself.

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you need to lose weight. You and your hubby don’t get along at all.

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