This baby was just born and immediately became famous. Just see why …

Many couples want to capture the real and genuine emotions of having a baby. Sometimes the photographer manages to capture

the ‘perfect shot’ of that special moment.This is exactly what happened when Isabella Pereira de Jesus was born.

Newborns usually only cry, sleep and eat, and only occasionally make faces. However, Isabella Pereira de Jesus was an exception.

Unlike most newborns, from the very beginning she showed an extraordinary ability to express herself, which distinguishes her from other children.

According to photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann, the moment only lasted a couple of seconds. He has funny shots of the birth of children, but the picture of Isabella really went viral on the Internet.

When Rodrigo posted the photo on his social media page, people from all over the world began to write witty comments. Many suggested that the child was not yet ready to be born, or made fun of the doctor.

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