Angelina Jolie adopted this baby 19 years ago and here is how he looks today!

Renowned Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie ventured into motherhood through adoption for the first time back in 2001. This was during her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, with whom she shared two children.

At that juncture, Angelina was already actively involved in charitable endeavors, which led her to Cambodia. It was there that she crossed paths with a 7-month-old boy named Rat Vibol.

According to Jolie, he was the first child she held close to her heart, and there was an undeniable connection. Her then-husband, Billy Bob Thornton, became the boy’s father, but when the couple parted ways, Jolie continued to be his sole guardian.

Later, Angelina married Brad Pitt, who embraced the role of a father figure to the young boy, leading to his name change to Maddox Jolie Pitt.



Throughout it all, Jolie proved to be a kind and nurturing mother, fostering a loving environment for her children. This nurturing environment has been paramount in their upbringing.



Today, Maddox is a mature 19-year-old who has cultivated talents and interests of his own. He’s skilled at playing the guitar, fluent in three languages, and possesses a unique sense of style and taste. His passion for cinema often leads him to accompany his mother to work.

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