«How lucky David is to have her!»: Timelessly graceful Beckham delighted New York with her iconic outfit

Married men had better not see her! 😮💘 Victoria Beckham showed her appetizing body in a tight-fitting dress and drove everyone crazy! 🔥😉

Camera lenses have lately caught the spouses together on the streets of New York. Photographers were quick to film the legendary couple. To say that the whole New York was delighted by her stunning appearance is nothing to say.

The fashion designer gave her preference to a glamorous blue silk dress which perfectly emphasized her appetizing body and appetizing curves. The former member of «Spice Girls» completed her magnificent image with mesh boots.

Not only the iconic woman’s outfit, but also that of her husband wasn’t unnoticed. He was dressed in a denim shirt and jeans complementing his image with sunglasses.

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