Navy Sailor Gets Taste of Fame When Love Song to His Wife Goes Viral 64 Yrs Later

Old school love is probably the best kind of love. Modernization of everything has stopped people from being as romantic as they used to be years ago.

People today are still romanticizing men and women who used to do something romantic for the sake of showing their love to their lovers. Things that were normal for lovers back in the day have become a very unique phenomenon for us today. However, when we find something from the past, the internet always finds a way to give it the hype that it deserves.

U.S. Navy veteran Mort Block wrote a beautiful love song for his girlfriend Susan more than 65 years ago and it worked: Susan loved the song, and the man who wrote it, and they got married. And 61 years later, the Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, couple is still living out their dream together.

Six decades later, his grandson Matt found a copy of the sheet music to Mort’s song, “In My Dreams.” He recently made a recording of the song and posted it on the internet, and it’s gone viral. Nothing in this world will make me happier than a glimpse of the past when love was more than what it is today. This soldier was a hopeless romantic and we are here for it. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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