«And for this he left his career?» Johnny Depp decided to change his profession which caused mixed reactions

«Destroyed his great reputation in one step!»😔If fans worried about Depp’s strange appearance, then this news is more surprising😲😱The fact is that he changed his profession, but what he chose you can find out in the article👇👇👇

Recently it became known that actor Johnny Depp moved to live in the English suburbs. It’s no secret that his fans were concerned about his appearance, but this information surprised them more. Johnny changed his profession and became a pub owner.


The Checkers Inn pub is owned by Paul Hollywood, host of the British cookery show Best Baker․ The price of the pub is one million pounds (=1.2 million euros).
As a result, residents complain that the pub has become an expensive establishment. But we want to say that such a purchase was a bad idea. Firstly, Depp opened the Viper Room in Los Angeles in the early 1990s.

This place quickly became popular and many celebrities such as Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt visited there more often. However, it so happened that the place acquired a bad reputation․ This all happened after 23-year-old River Phoenix died of an overdose in front of the Viper Room in 1993. Until recently, Depp also used alcohol and illegal substances a lot.

Amber Heard spoke about his behavior under the influence of alcohol during the trial. But the actor denied all cases of violence, but did not say anything about the fact that he was suffering from addiction.
Apparently this time, too, a lot of problems await him in his own pub.

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