When You Reach This Age, Stop Wearing Jeans

You can’t do a surprising number of things, including drive a car and book a hotel stay until you reach a particular age. On the other hand, it appears that you can age into being unable to perform some tasks. One very frequent practice is wearing jeans, so there’s that.

Fashionistas assert that you can outgrow your favorite pants. However, there is a threshold beyond which experts suggest donating denim. And this isn’t just a matter of taste; the blogger provides statistics to support her assertion.

CollectPlus, a UK courier service that recently surveyed 2,000 national consumers, gathered the statistics. They were questioned about their purchasing interests, clothing styles, and even the ideal pair of jeans.

According to the final results, the respondents appeared to concur that those over the age of 53 shouldn’t be attempting to fit into denim. The cause? But it’s not because you’re wearing something inappropriate. Actually, by that age, it only gets tougher to find a pair that fits.

Sadly, the statistics are not good for fans of denim. According to the study, one in ten respondents over the age of 50 stated they tried on up to six different styles before finding the ideal pair. The majority of adults reach their peak stress levels while shopping for jeans by age 53, the survey also revealed. Even six percent of customers felt so offended that they started crying.

No of your age, getting the ideal pair of blue jeans may as well be an impossible task. In reality, according to research, people look for jeans for an average of five to eight days. Therefore, it is not surprising that most people wait at least another three years before purchasing a new pair.

We will support you if you decide to wear your favorite pair of jeans till you are retired.

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