Woman Excluded from Fancy Dinner at Restaurant as Her Mother-in-Law Assumed She Wouldn’t Know ‘How to Eat’ the Food

During a family vacation, a woman found herself in an uncomfortable situation caused by her in-laws, which led her to make a decision against her husband’s wishes. When her husband called her to question her actions, she began to doubt whether her choice was the right one.

A Reddit user sought opinions on whether she was in the wrong for canceling a family vacation. She clarified that her husband’s family had never fully accepted her, perceiving her as being from a lower social class.

The woman noted that her mother-in-law had consistently treated her differently, believing her to be lacking in manners compared to the rest of the family. Despite this strained relationship, she and her husband embarked on a family trip with his relatives.

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However, upon reaching their vacation destination, a situation arose that caused the woman great irritation. On the first evening, the man’s family had made reservations for dinner at an upscale restaurant outside the hotel, but they failed to inform her of their plans.

The woman only discovered their dinner arrangements when she noticed her husband getting ready. When she asked where he was going, he revealed that he and his family were going out to dine, and she was not invited. Her husband explained that his mother assumed she would be uncomfortable because she might not be familiar with the food or dining etiquette.

Resisting the urge to argue with her husband about the exclusion, the woman decided to take matters into her own hands. She promptly packed her bags and caught the first flight back home.

Upon her husband’s return to their hotel room and discovering her absence, he became frantic, bombarding her with phone calls to understand why she had left the family vacation. He expressed his disappointment and accused her of acting ungratefully, believing she had embarrassed him in front of his family.

This led to a heated argument between the couple, and when her husband returned home from the vacation, he gave her the silent treatment. Additionally, his family indirectly criticized her on social media for her actions.

The woman later clarified that his family had not even informed her about the specific cuisine they would be enjoying at the restaurant. She also mentioned that her brother-in-law’s girlfriend had faced a similar exclusion.

The Reddit community provided diverse perspectives on the situation, with some emphasizing the husband’s role in the matter, advising the woman to establish boundaries and improve communication. Others suggested responding to the family’s Facebook posts to share her side of the story, while a few believed her reaction was not strong enough given the disrespect she had encountered, even suggesting the possibility of divorce.

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