«Hollywood’s most desirable star through years!»: This is what Connelly looks like at 52

People called Jennifer Connelly the most desirable film star in Hollywood! 🤭💘 Far not everyone was ready to see how much time has changed the film star! 🧐😮

Not everyone knows that this iconic star started her career as a model before making her acting debut. Thanks to her uniquely beautiful features and charisma, she could easily establish herself as one of the most desirable stars in Hollywood.

Believe it or not, the outstanding film star is already 52 and still looks amazing. One may say that she looks far not her age and can surpass any young model and actress with her timeless charm and unique appeal.

She is still successful and popular being the idol for her loyal fans and supporters. Connelly still delights her fans with new roles and often gets compliments on her appearance, charisma and talent.

«No wonder she is the most desirable actress in Hollywood!», «I will never stop adoring her!», «Time has passed by her!», «Her beauty is timeless», «I can’t take my eyes off her!».

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