«Only a blind man could leave such a woman!»: Jolie’s timeless beauty never ceases to delight everyone

After these photos people understand why Angelina Jolie is called the world’s most beautiful woman! 🧐😮 Paparazzi filmed the star in a delicate snow-white dress and with red lips! 😍💘

The recent appearance of the «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» star with her adopted son quickly became the subject of heated discussions. They attended the White House and were accompanied by many esteemed and «first class» people.

The outfits the Hollywood actress and her heir showed up in in front of thousands of people let no single one stay indifferent. The talented actress was wearing seductive scarlet lipstick and a snow-white dress.

What concerns her adopted son, the guy gave his preference to a classic black suit with a white shirt. At the event, there were representatives who were well-aware of the South Korean culture.

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