My Daughter Should Be Called “THEY”: Lopez’s Daughter Has a More Boyish Appearance!

Emma, the fifteen-year-old daughter of Jennifer Lopez, is adamantly claiming her individuality and rejecting traditional gender norms.

Jennifer has shown her steadfast support for her daughter’s pursuit of self-awareness by posting a statement on social media recently encouraging everyone to refer to Emma as “they.”

Supporters respect Jennifer’s accepting parenting style, despite differences in opinion. Some are shocked, wondering how a mother who is known for being feminine could have a daughter who has such a unique sense of style.+



Some even draw comparisons between Emma’s appearance before and after plastic surgery and Jennifer’s.

These pictures start a larger conversation about identity, self-expression, and the evolving notions of femininity and beauty.

Fans are eager to witness Emma’s incredible journey unfold under the guidance of her well-known and encouraging mother.


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