Man Wants Fiancée’s Hymen Checked By His Dad in Front of Family So They Know She’s Still ‘Pure’

A woman’s dream engagement turned into a nightmare when her fiancé’s family made an outlandish request that made her questions their relationship. A woman adored her fiance. She believed they were the perfect match and didn’t want to live with anyone else.

“My fiancé proposed eight months ago. We chose a two-day, intimate wedding. Everything was fine. She said, “He’s perfect, and we’re in love.”

Two days before their wedding, her fiancé made an outlandish request: that his dad check her hymen in front of his brothers and uncles to see if she was still a virgin. The woman laughed at the ludicrous suggestion. Her fiancé’s insistence that he was serious stunned her.

He then stated that his father checks a bride’s virginity the night before the wedding to ensure she is “pure.” She felt uneasy with the request and wasn’t sure she’d participate.

He urged she do it, saying his mom did. “He said it would prove how much I love him,” she stated. He also gaslit her, stating a virgin had nothing to conceal. She Decided What?

The woman was shocked. Her groom-to-be cried when she left. “It was very dramatic,” she said.

Part of her wanted to cancel the wedding right away, but she loved the man and wanted to spend her life with him. She considered the peculiar ceremony to join the family. She sought refuge at a friend’s while deciding what to do. She informed her fiancé the next morning that she would not allow his family’s men to inspect her and asked him to accept her decision.

He said he had to do it for their wedding. He then accused her of lying about her virginity since she refused the ceremony. The woman remained calm and sensible throughout. The man became belligerent, and the more she explained, the angrier he got.

“I told him if he loved me, he would stand by me and tell his father no,” she said. She hoped he’d agree, but his reaction shocked her.

The woman was spanked for stating this, not supported. He told his fiancée he no longer needed to prove himself.Heartbroken, she realized this man was not the perfect man she loved. He was entirely different, so she called off their wedding.

The scenario depressed her. She lived with her friend and felt all her feelings before moving on and recovering. Many were stunned by this claim until the woman confirmed it. What would you do in a similar situation?

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