«Countless wrinkles and loose skin!»: Stone has aged beyond recognition and surprised everyone

This is what age and years have done to Sharon Stone! 😧🫣 The actress showed herself in close-up with no makeup and disappointed the fans! 😬😲

It is no secret that Sharon Stone has always been among the most talked-about and desirable film stars who has always enjoyed her popularity among millions. No single man could remain indifferent towards her charisma and timeless charm.

The outstanding film star is already 64. She has admitted that she doesn’t like ageing and does her best to look as naturally beautiful as possible. She hardly ever appears without makeup and hairdo.

Meanwhile she has recently left her followers speechless with her makeup-free look. She showed herself in close up with no makeup. To say that the followers were surprised is nothing to say.

«How many wrinkles and lines! I am disappointed!», «I didn’t expect to see her like this!», «Now I have serious doubts whether she is among the most beautiful actresses or not!».

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