Little copy of his mother» Emma Roberts’ mom revealed the star’s son, causing mixed reactions

She showed him without asking!»😱Although Emma has made an effort to keep her kid secret, anyway it didn’t work out😮🥰While you have an opportunity, look at the baby in the article👇👇👇

Emma Roberts, even during pregnancy, did not want to appear in front of paparazzi cameras, and when her son was born, she hid his face. But recently Emma’s mother posted a photo of the baby, which turned out to be a modern mistake. But Emma didn’t even worry about this and even took the opportunity to share the photo and write how much she loves both of them.

Emma doesn’t always talk about her baby on social media, but sometimes she shares news with her followers. Fans were delighted to see their son and many wrote that he was a small copy of Emma. Recall that in 2020, the actress and her ex-boyfriend had their first child.

Three years passed and the couple announced their separation, which did not make the fans very happy. Later that year, Emma began dating another actor. There are rumors that they feel happy together.

The couple certainly looks great. Emma and her new partner are doing everything possible to make the child feel good and know how much they both love him.
What do you think of Emma’s baby? Does he look like his mother?

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