«A future supermodel!» Cassel showed his 13-year-old daughter from Bellucci and stormed the Internet

The whole Internet is talking about Deva, but have you seen her unpopular sister? 🤭💘 This is what a beauty Bellucci’s teenage daughter has become whose new photos you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

When the Italian cinema icon showed her younger and unpopular daughter, everyone went speechless. Here is Leonie, Deva’s sister, who is already 13. It is needless to say that the latest photos of her immediately went viral the network.

«She definitely outdid her popular sister!», «Why is everyone crazy about Deva? What about Leonie?», «There is something special in her», «A future model!», «Bellucci is lucky to have these two beauties as daughters!».

«The carbon copy of her dad», «What beautiful facial features!», «Am I the only one who likes her more than Deva?», «Look, Cassel, what beautiful heiresses you have!».

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