Calls Pitt «a terrible parent»! Jolie’s adopted son’s candid post is shedding light on the family’s dynamic

Pax breaks the silence and calls Pitt «a terrible person»! 😱🫢He opens up about his relationship with the actor and leaves everyone speechless! 😬🤐 For more details and exclusive photos – see the article! 👇👇👇

Here is Pax Thien, the son of the iconic Hollywood couple, whom they adopted from Vietman and gave a beautiful life. The legendary actress, who was looking for a boy aged from 3-5, found him at Tam Binh orphanage.

Later, Jolie described Pax as a wild spirit whose transformation from an orphan boy into a loved family child brought challenges. It is worth mentioning that Jolie loves both her biological and adopted children equally.

However, far not everyone knows about the strained relationship between him and his father. Surprisingly, he even criticized his father in a candid post on Instagram. Jolie, in her turn, has always tried to maintain the harmonious relationship between them.

Despite the divorce, the ex-spouses try not to cause scandals and do everything possible for the sake of the children they share.

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