«With his new lover on a yacht!» Exclusive footage of DiCaprio and his new young girlfriend sparked reaction

Camera lenses secretly caught the «Titanic» actor enjoying time with his new girlfriend – model Meghan Roche! 😮🔥The candid photos caused a furor which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

The renowned and successful 48-year-old film star, best-remembered for his role in «Titanic», keeps stealing hearts and making new romances with pretty young models. Paparazzi were lucky enough to catch him with his new girlfriend.

Cameras captured exclusive footage of DiCaprio and M. Roche enjoying their time on the yacht. The candid photos immediately went viral. The notable actor was caught shirtless and the girl was dressed in a blue summer ensemble.

The lover had no idea that they were being watched by photographers. They were caught leisurely walking and relaxing. There have recently been rumors according to which the actor had a short affair with Shayk too.

The celebrities both were present at Coachella last spring. However, if we consider netizens’ suppositions, the iconic film star doesn’t prefer girls older than 25. So we can deny that he has had a romantic relationship with Shayk.

Some rumors about the actor’s and Gigi Hadid’s romantic relationship were spread as well, yet there is still no reliable source which can tell the whole truth

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