Even today not everyone knows what is this on trees, why such things stay there for ages and who live there

Have you ever wondered what is this on trees and why can it stay there for ages? 🤔🧐 To know what is this and who live there – see the article! 👇👇👇

Once, among the vast expanses of South Africa, there lived a small and very daring bird named the Common Social Weaver. The name was explained by the fact that such birds were famous for building a large number of nests. Today’s story is about them.

Weavers usually build their nests together, combining the efforts of not even dozens of birds, but many generations. The resulting structures are so reliable that the «houses» in them are passed down from great-grandfathers to great-grandchildren.

There have been even such cases that nests stayed on trees for centuries and were given from one generation to another. The number of birds living in each and every nest is known. People protect them from snakes and other dangerous creatures.

Interestingly, one nest can have 8 meters length, 2-2,5 meters height and weigh considerably a lot. Here, innocent birds are protected from rain, snow and even dust. They fear no cold seasons and their lives are not at risk.


However, there have been a few cases when animals managed to ruin such nests leaving the birds with no roof under their head. Yet, this happens rarely and, all in all, there is no need to worry.

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