Eating Raw Chicken Is Becoming More And More Popular

Travel vlogger Johnny Kyunghwo recently shared a unique culinary experience in South Korea, where he dined on raw chicken, also known as chicken sashimi. This daring endeavor was documented on his TikTok account under the handle @johnnykyunghwo, sparking both fascination and concern among viewers.

Johnny embarked on a food tour in Haenam, South Korea, known for its local delicacy – locally raised, free-range chicken, which is also served as chicken sashimi. Chicken sashimi, also called torisashi in Japan, is a dish where raw chicken is served, often accompanied by soy sauce and wasabi, similar to traditional sashimi. However, to ensure safety, the chicken can be briefly boiled or seared for about 10 seconds before serving.

In his video, Johnny provided a verdict on his experience, which may come as a surprise to many. He admitted that chicken sashimi was “better than [he] expected.” While this may raise eyebrows given concerns about raw chicken consumption, Johnny found the dish to be enjoyable.

However, it’s crucial to note that despite chicken sashimi being consumed in various countries, it carries potential health risks. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has cautioned against indulging in this trend, as consuming raw chicken can lead to food poisoning. The FSA advises that chicken should always be cooked thoroughly to ensure it is steaming hot throughout, with no pink meat and clear juices, as raw chicken may contain harmful pathogens like campylobacter, salmonella, and E. coli, which can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and, in severe cases, serious conditions.

Despite the potential health risks, Johnny’s review of chicken sashimi highlighted some interesting aspects of the dish. He noted that it “didn’t taste like chicken at all” and that the primary flavors came from sesame oil and seeds rather than the meat itself. Johnny described the texture as reminiscent of raw fish, which wasn’t slimy and had a firm but easy-to-chew bite.

In his concluding remarks, Johnny gave chicken sashimi a rating of eight out of 10 and highly recommended it. However, his video’s comment section quickly filled with mixed opinions and concerns about the safety of consuming raw chicken.

One user questioned the safety of eating raw chicken and expressed doubt about whether it was safe even in South Korea, where it is served in specialized restaurants. Another user warned against attempting to make chicken sashimi at home, emphasizing that it should only be consumed in establishments with trained professionals. Lastly, one commenter simply stated, “Raw chicken stinks.”

Johnny’s culinary adventure raises interesting questions about cultural food practices and safety concerns. While he may have enjoyed the unique flavors and textures of chicken sashimi, it’s essential for individuals to exercise caution and prioritize their health when considering such unconventional dining experiences. The risks associated with raw chicken consumption should not be underestimated, and diners should be aware of potential consequences before trying this dish.

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