«Close your eyes, it’s hot here!» Recent photo of Irina Shayk didn’t leave anyone indifferent Источник: https://leplusinteressant.com/2024/02/04/close-your-eyes-its-hot-here-recent-photo-of-irina-shayk-didnt-leave-anyone-indifferent

«Men are not allowed to look at these photos!»❤️‍🔥😲You can’t imagine what photo Irina shared in a spicy bikini without any editing😵‍💫💋The legs drives crazy, admire them here👇👇👇

Irina Shayk decided to take a break from Fashion Week, where we know very well that she worked quite actively for many years. Now she again wants to please her fans with spicy content.


She recently decided to post incredible shots on her blog where the model posed in a tiny black string bikini. Irina published two photos and one video. Apparently, through the video she wanted to prove that she does not use any Photoshop or filters.
Источник: https://leplusinteressant.com/2024/02/04/close-your-eyes-its-hot-here-recent-photo-of-irina-shayk-didnt-leave-anyone-indifferent

Fans were crazy about her flawless figure, beautiful long legs and unreal beauty. Internet users began sharing compliments under the photo. Irina said in an interview that she doesn’t use any regular diets, she just tries to eat healthy and exercise.


In the interview, Shayk added that she loves boxing. She never misses her workouts and apparently this influences the fact that she has such an enviable figure
Источник: https://leplusinteressant.com/2024/02/04/close-your-eyes-its-hot-here-recent-photo-of-irina-shayk-didnt-leave-anyone-indifferent

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